After completing your campaign, it is helpful to reflect upon your experience. Did it work? What was effective, and what wasn’t? What would you do differently next time? Questions like these can inform future efforts to organize people for change.

Below is a set of questions to guide reflection on your campaign or initiative. These questions can help you in thinking critically about your experience to facilitate your own learning and growth.

● What was supposed to happen?
● What actually happened?
● Why were there differences?
These questions establish a common understanding of the topic. You should encourage and promote discussion around these questions. In particular, divergences from the plan should be explored.
● What worked?
● What didn’t?
● Why?
These questions generate reflection about the successes and failures during the course of the project, activity, event or task. The question ‘Why?’ generates understanding of the root causes of these successes and failures.
● What would you do differently next time?This question is intended to help identify specific actionable recommendations. You should ask for crisp and clear, achievable and future-oriented recommendations.

(From BetterEvaluation)


The video below further explains the reflection process. While it refers to “students,” the content is applicable to your experience organizing and carrying out a campaign.